Dynamite Pole 

Dance & Fitness Academy 

Beginners, 4 Week Mini-Course  

A low-impact dance class that focuses on smooth movement, body awareness and improving confidence whlist 

strengthening that core. 

No fitness background necessary as this course is specifically designed to build up students fitness levels as they progress. 

This 4 week course will help you truly gauge if pole is for you. 

Dynamite Pole certificate on completion of course.

(Warning: Pole can be very addictive.) 

Cost $60 per person

We run a new course each month, get in touch with us to book in.


In this class students can wear whatever they feel comfortable in and dance in either bare feet or heels. They can do these classes on a casual random/basis or can commit to a more structured, fixed routine.

In these classes students learn the basic fundamentals of pole and get a real taste of the Art Of Pole. 

Class includes a warm-up, strength training, dance routine or fitness based routine, stretch and cool-down.


Once students have mastered and completed beginners levels 1 and 2 classes they can move on to our intermediate classes which will really strengthen those basic foundations that they've learned in beginners. 

Students will learn to incorporate some more complex and impressive moves into routines including, you guessed it, going upside down.


At this stage you are well on your way in the Art Of Pole and most likely suffer from a serious pole addiction. We will now start encouraging you to begin to create your own style. 

You will begin to put together your own routines and you will notice that your strength and flexibility are improving. Advanced class will see you working on pole tricks such as Jade Splits, Hand-Springs, Aerial Shoulder Mounts and a lot harder combinations. 

Teen Pole Fit

Class designed specifically for teens providing a fun and fitness focused introduction to pole. Great for increasing self confidence.

We focus on creating a confident, positive and healthy body image strengthening the body and mind and your own self belief in what you can accomplish. 

This class improves body awareness, balance and flexibility and will also increase your strength levels. 

Stretch and Flex

This class focuses on developing stretching techniques and enabling more flexibility.  

If, you've ever wanted to be able to do the splits and develop better back flexibility then this class is for you.

This class really compliments or adds to the students overall development when combined with a pole class. 

Chair Dance & Tease

This class covers the basics of Chair Dance & Tease, starting from the floor and working all the way up.

Floor moves, sexy dance steps, body rolls. Learn to work with props and heels in this class. 

Get ready to sweat and burn those calories! 

4 week course, certificate on completion.  
Strength and Stretch 

A cardio focused, full body, intense workout. This class will have you sweating and burning lots of Calories. 

Class will start with a warm up then we focus on strength training, followed by deep stretching.

Pole Grooves - Dance Class

Pole Grooves classes are a great way to get fit and have fun. Really great for cardio, this class is open to students of all levels and consists of a warm-up, instruction in simple  pole tricks and dance moves that are then incorporated into a mini pole dance routine followed by a cool down. Dance routines change weekly. 

This is a very popular and fun class at Dynamite.

Private Tuition: 1 on 1 Training

For those wanting private one on one training i.e. performance training - stage presence etc, competition training, pole dance and/or fitness training. 

Tuition pricing from $60.00 per person. Discounts available. Bookings essential.